The Care Association Alliance: Sharing Best Practice and Fostering Confidence

“To share best practice, experience, success and failures between Care Association Alliance members to foster self-confidence locally in their discussions and negotiations with Local Authorities and NHS CCGs.”

The Care Association Alliance is a forum for like-minded care providers to share best practice and experiences. The organisation also allows small providers from across the country to present their issues directly to key decision makers in the industry.

The Care Association Alliance is member based with no fee. We fund our operating costs from commercial sponsorship for which we are very grateful and respond by promoting our sponsors. We meet formally 4 times or more a year and plan to establish meetings in the north and south of the country for geographical and economic reasons. We communicate between meetings and members support individual meetings with central decision makers, representing front line providers on key topical issues (such as the national shortage of nurses) feeding back to all members.

If you’d like more information about the Care Association Alliance, or if you’re interested in joining us, please get in touch!

Latest News

Care Association Alliance - Social Care Workforce Study

With the recent Brexit decision, dramatic increases in the National Living Wage and Skills for Care projecting a need for 500,000 new workers over the next decade, it seemed appropriate to look at some of the recent trends in workforce recruitment. With Brexit on the horizon, are social care employers increasingly dependent on EU workers? With the recent rises in national living wage, what affect has this had on wages? And Finally, if we need 500,000 more workers, where will they come from?

Care Association Alliance Social care Workforce Analysis 2018

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